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Distinta della Cena


Crostini misti (Mixed croutons)

To start with a flourish or a simple snack. A trivial but often unexpected secret makes them special: prepared on the moment, just before they are served.

Salumi (Cold cuts)

“tan mi freg più” used to say our elders when a supplier would palm off below standard ingredients. Years of selection and attention to the raw materials have allowed Tiresia to assemble an array of prime quality cold cuts.

Pere e formaggio (Pears and cheese)

Certain flavours are evergreen despite fashions or trends. Even an apparently simple combination reveals unexpected sides to it thanks to the quality of the cheese assortment, served with the classic pear and fruit compote which enhance their characteristics and perfumes.

Piada della Tiresia (Flatbread)

In Romagna each town has its own piadina, there may even be one for each district: at Tiresia’s it is a family recipe handed down over time, perhaps a little more attentive to the fats but with the flavour of always. We bring it to you at the start of your lunch, but don’t eat it all before the rest of the meal.

Tagliatella alla Tiresia (Ribbon-shaped pasta)

A mainstay of our local cuisine, which is firmly rooted in the art of “sfogline” (women with strength in their arms and happiness in their bodies), both qualities which pass directly to the handmade dough that is rolled out with a rolling pin. It is served with the classics and with several seasonal dressings which revitalise its contemporary nature and delicacy.

Ravioli (Stuffed pasta envelopes)

Cooking skills emerge in stuffed pasta: dosing ingredients, mixing them so that one does not dominate the other, letting them cook just that much that doesn't ruin the long (believe me, very long) preparation work.

Cappelletti in brodo (Pasta parcels in broth)

It was the dish on special occasions, today it is a first course for those who care about themselves. They are served hot and steaming in the broth which has pampered them with the heat and flavour of choice meats. They are also an enjoyable summer dish, once they have cooled down.

Pappardelle ai porcini (Flat ribbon-shaped pasta served with porcini mushrooms)

The tagliatella becomes wider, it wants more, greedy for a sauce to excite it and pushes it to become larger in dimensions and flavour. Porcini need no presentation, they are the king of the mushrooms, but in this dish they are the servant of egg pasta.

Bistecca (Steak)

Meat lovers, this is the way to appreciate it at its best and understand the work of those who have bred it with care and prime raw materials. Everything returns to the dish, where the meat, cooked with respect and meticulous care, tells all the stories it is able to. Ask the bison to tell you his.

Tagliata di manzo (Finely-cut beef fillet)

The queen of the grill is presented ready to be enjoyed in small pieces which can be cooked rare, medium, or well-done depending on personal preference. Small additions are made to the taste which must emerge with all its seductive power.

Carpaccio (Thin slices of raw beef)

The work involved in searching for the raw materials receives full and unconditional recognition: only cuts of the highest quality pass the raw test.

Scotichino all'aceto balsamico (Strips of meat served with balsamic vinegar)

Thin slices of meat, "stripped” more than cut, married for a very short time with the flame which colours them and quickly cooks them. It is light and easy meat, for a flavoursome adventure which does not commit the jaws.

Galletto (Cockerel)

Tender meat, little fat and a cooking method which exalts the flavour of a type of meat which has always been eaten in this area.

Cotoletta (Cutlet)

A challenge out of our zone, a provocation of who is certain of the meat cut they serve and dares to challenge a recipe from the north sure of fighting with equal weapons.


What is it doing in Romagna? The name shouldn‘t frighten or disorientate: it is the same meat of always, that we search for and select, concealed under a garment which is a little frivolous and trendy. It remains the healthy raw material of always for those who search for the quality of always with a touch of madness in serving it.

Verdure alla griglia (Grilled vegetables)

Alongside the grilled meat are fresh vegetables which join so well with the dishes that they receive the seal of approval directly from the grill. Coherent, healthy, in season, to enjoy with a drop of oil.

Mix frutta e verdura ((Medley of fruit and vegetables)

Mediterranean cuisine distinguishes itself for this very reason: fruit and vegetables, gifts from our latitudes, always on our tables. Could they be missing from Tiresia, or rather in the Balzani home?

Mascarpone (Cheese)

To finish on a sweet note. What more could you ask for? Fresh ingredients, mixed to perfection each day to create a dessert which is certainly demanding but, at the end of a ‘hearty’ meal, gives the nod to connoisseurs.

Sorbetti (Sorbets)

The final freshness.